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About Krystonia!!

Krystonia is a magic land brought to life by Beau Dix and Mark Scott in their fantasy books published in England in the mid 1980’s. When we purchased our fifth wheel RV it was suggested that we name it. Krystonia seemed appropriate. In the first Krystonia book, Moplos, speaking to a friend says: “On second thought, I think I might stay a while longer.” This has become our theme. Please enjoy our Krystonia travels by visiting this web site often.

About Us…

Hi, we are Ruth and Arlo. We have been RVers for many years. After our retirement on July 31, 2002 we got serious. We traveled about half time in our Wanderer Fifth Wheel “Krystonia” .  In May 2008 we moved out of our home of 32 years and became Full Timers!!  June 25, 2008 was when we moved into our new Krystonia, a 38 foot Itasca Suncruiser, seen above.

This Adventures of Krystonia web site is dedicated to sharing our travel experiences with family, friends and maybe even an occasional stranger, through text and pictures.  As we visit the many beautiful, wonderful, and interesting places in the country, we will share those experiences on the web site. We hope you will enjoy viewing our pictures and reading our “travel Travel Stories”. We are interested in your reaction and feedback. Please let us know what you think.

  Who else?  



Hobbes was our Abyssinian cat..  He began traveling with us on our first trip after we retired in 2002. Hobbes traveled in three countries: USA, Canada and Mexico.  In the USA he visited 34 states including: Alaska, California, Maine and Florida.  He was in Canada 3 times and visited 8 Proveniences including The Yukon Territory and Prince Edward Island.  He was in Mexico 3 times and visited 3 states.   For his story please read Newsletter 4.7.05.   Mocha has been our traveling companion for over 5 years.  She is our tortie-shell “rescue cat”.  Her mother presented her and 3 brothers in our Gazebo when she was between 2 and 3 months old.  She was born about May 1st 2005.   For her story please read Newsletter 8.15.05.  To read her story about living with  rabbits for two days  go to Mocha's Travel Story April 2009.

I am Mocha's new friend Java  I was rescued in Yarnell. AZ on March 17, 2011.  I had been dropped off outside a Cafe.  I look a lot like Mocha, about 5 months old and a real sweetheart.
I am recovering from an old trauma injury.  The Vet thinks I had broken ribs.  From the beginning I was at home in the Motor Home, I have never tried to get out.  I went to Surprise to see a Vet and enjoyed the drive in a car.  I  am feeling so much better, Mocha and I love to chase each other up and down the Motor Home at 5:30 every morning.

Travelin' Bear  You can read his story in Newsletter June 30,2007  

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Full-Timers Full-Timers, Part Two:  January 2009 - December 2009 - Left Sacramento after Christmas with the family.  Headed south to spend the winter in the southwest.  Looking for warm days and blue skies.  We traveled through Arizona, New Mexico, and then north through Colorado, Utah, Idaho and on to Washington.  We did the Olympic Peninsula loop before heading south ending the year back in Sacramento. The picture page chronicles our travels.
Full-Timers Full-Timers, Part One: May 2008 - December 2008 - Left home to become Full Time RVers on May13,2008.  Follow our travels by reading the "Travel Stories".  We wrote as the spirit moved us.  We published our pictures as we went. There are pictures that do not necessary follow the Travel Stories.  Be sure to look at the picture page.   Questions or comments are always welcome.  Email us by clicking on the email link above.


ALASKA:  June 10. 2007 - September 17, 2007  We left Sacramento on June 10th.  We met up with some RV friends in Dawson Creek, Canada.  We traveled with them for over three months, as we explored Alaska.  We drove over 10,000 miles.  A highlight of the trip was having our granddaughter, Nalonni, with us for most of the time. She was such a joy to be with.  Be sure to look at all the wonderful pictures (Alaskan Pictures), and read about our experiences (Alaskan Travel Stories).


SOUTHWEST:  February 27, 2007 - April 18, 2007  We left Sacramento in a rain storm on our way to Barstow to bring personal items and furniture to Arlo's Aunt Maybelle.  She had just moved into the California VA Home.  After settling her in, we went on to Yuma to spend time with RV friends.  From Phoenix we headed to the SKP North Ranch RV Park in Congress AZ.  There Arlo took a week long woodcarving workshop and Ruth took a beading workshop.  Our last week was spent at the SKP Sierra RV Park near Yosemite NP.  We visited with friends and enjoyed Covered Wagon Days.

  IDAHO & NORTHWEST: July 15, 2006 - September 27, 2006.  We left Sacramento to get out of the summer heat just before a record breaking hot spell.  Plans were to spend time in the lake country of northern Idaho.  It turns out that the heat wave was wide spread.  We soon decided to head for the ocean hoping for a break. Plans were to meander around the northwest until cooler weather came to Sacramento.
  MEXICO 2006: - January 10,2006 - April 10, 2006.  We went through San Diego to Blythe, CA for the Bluegrass Festival and quilt show; then, to Quartzsite to meet with RV School friends.  After exploring the Southwest for awhile we joined the Mexican Connection to Caravan to El Fuerte, Mexico.  After leaving Mexico we went north to the Southern Oregon Coast.  There we met with family to celebrate Ruth's sister's 75th birthday.
  CALIFORNIA REDWOODS: August 12 - 27, 2005:  Petaluma Quilt Show, Bodega Bay with the Escapees RV Club, Redwoods with Dick and Lou Reed.  One Newsletter from Mocha and some pictures.  Enjoy...
  TEXAS 2005: January 10 - April 8, 2005:  After visits to Blythe, San Diego, Quartzsite and Phoenix we spent about six weeks in Texas.  We drove through West Texas and down into the Rio Grande Valley.  Then we spent time on the Gulf Coast and over into the Hill Country.  We saw many wildflowers and were able to stop in Death Valley on the way home.
  OREGON COAST:  September 7 - October 24, 2004:  We spent six weeks on the Oregon Coast before going to Seattle.  We did not write any Travel Stories on this trip, but took some wonderful pictures,  Many of them are of Sunsets.

GRAND CIRCLE 2003: July 22 - December 3, 2003:  This was our "Grand Circle' trip.  We went north from home to meet Highway 2 which crosses USA.  We entered Canada at Sault Ste. Marie at the Great Lakes.  We crossed Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and out to Prince Edward Island.  We spent several weeks in New England in time for the fall colors.  Then we went south to Florida before we headed west and home.

  BAJA CALIFORNIA:  March 20 - May 2, 2003:  We drove down Highway 395. with a visit to the California Poppy Preserve.  Then we spent 5 days in Colonia Vicente Guerrero, BC, Mexico, about 200 miles below the border on the Pacific Coast.  We returned to the US to pick up Chris and Liz for five more days in Mexico at San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez.

ARIZONA & BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK:  January 17 - March 4, 2003:  Visits to Agua Caliente County Park in the Anza Borrego Dessert, Quartzsite, and Mesa, AZ.   Visited with family in Phoenix area.  Then on to Texas and Big Bend National Park.

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"Vision without action is daydream.  Action without vision is nightmare."

---Japanese proverb



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