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(and the Oregon Coast)
January 10,2006 - April 10,2006.

 We went through San Diego to Blythe, CA for the Bluegrass Festival and quilt show; then, to Quartzsite to meet with RV School friends.  After exploring the Southwest for awhile we joined the Mexican Connection to Caravan to El Fuerte, Mexico.  After leaving Mexico we went north to the Southern Oregon Coast.  There we met with family to celebrate Ruth's sister's 75th birthday.


Across the water is La Jolla Shores   La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove - looking south   La Jolla Cove - looking north
These next three pictures are of the house

Arlo grew up in.  See newsletter for more


circa 1927                                                                                                                2006
Quartzsite "Flee Market"
Standing on top of trailer looking across the desert   This is our group's campfire spot
Border Crossing - Algodones, MX   Typical Dentist Office
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Chainfruit Cholla   Organ Pipe Cactus & Teddybear Cholla
Organ Pipe Cactus - Truck - MX Jumpingbean   Arch Canyon - Find the Arch...
Saguaro   Teddybear Cactus
Baby Organ Pipe Cactus   Barrel Cactus
El Fuerte, Mexico and places between...
The people of El Fuerte opened their hearts and city to us.  On arrival we found this welcome sign.  
Downtown El Fuerte   We stayed at the Fairgrounds
Sunset dinner in Guaymas on way down   Sunset on the Sea of Cortez
Local hotel owner, Chal was our "Mexican Connection."  He planned all our activities while we were there.  These next three pictures show his hotel.  
    Front entrance
Hummingbird feeder   Mural in dinning area
A float trip down the El Fuerte River allowed time for bird watching and a visit to ancient stone carvings.  
    Start of float trip
El Fuerte River   El Fuerte River
Turkey Hawks and Blue Heron nests   Riverside Cantina
Ancient rock carvings   Land owner at rock carvings
A trip to an Indian Village rewarded us with singing, musicians, dancing, pottery making and learning about tortilla making.  
    Children singing for us
Musicians playing on home made instruments   16 year old lad doing the "Dear Dance"
Pottery making   Pottery carrying
How to make a tortilla   OK Ruth, now it is your turn...
  Choix is a picturesque village about 60 kilometers north east of El Fuerte.  Along the road we saw cattle and Kapok trees.
Entrance to Choix    
Downtown Choix   Downtown Choix
Kapok tree   Mexican cows
  Topolobampo is a fishing village south of Los Mochis.  Shrimp is their specialty.
Shrimp boats    
Unloading shrimp   Largest shrimp we have ever seen
We had shrimp for lunch here.   Topolobampo
View from Krystonia at San Carlos   Krystonia at San Carlos
Sunset at San Carlos   Santa Ana looking north west
Edgar, owner of RV Park in Santa Ana   Place to relax at Santa Ana RV Park
Typical roadside merchandise   We loved the color of these cactus
South Oregon Coast - Bandon
Dragon Kite -- Kite flying is popular on the Oregon Beach
The Oregon Coast in the winter is a collage of colors, shapes and changing moods.  
"Sand eye" view of sea foam    

Cape Blanco is the most westerly point on the Oregon Coast.  It is about 70 miles north of the California border.

    Light House at Cape Blanco
For more pictures of the Oregon Coast you can go to our 2004 trip pictures along the Oregon Coast by clicking here.

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