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February 27, 2007 - April 18, 2007 

We left Sacramento in a rain storm on our way to Barstow to bring personal items and furniture to Arlo's Aunt Maybelle.  She had just moved into the California VA Home.  After settling her in, we went on to Yuma to spend time with RV friends.  From Phoenix we headed to the SKP North Ranch RV Park in Congress AZ.  There Arlo took a week long woodcarving workshop and Ruth took a beading workshop.  Our last week was spent at the SKP Sierra RV Park near Yosemite NP.  We visited with friends and enjoyed Covered Wagon Days.


We visited the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum outside of Tucson.  It was HOT and many animals were not out.  However we were able to get these pictures of hummingbirds in their nests.  
    ...and these doves having lunch.
At our RV Park a lady dove insisted on laying an egg in the ladder on the back of our RV.  We tried to discourage her!
Woodcarving and Beading at North Ranch - Congress, Arizona
Aunt Maybelle at the Barstow VA Home - Flower Garden we planted for her
The Tehachapi Loop - Additional pictures at:  : http://www.trainorders.com/cameras/tehachapi/
Near our Camp Site at SKP Park Sierra - Coarsegold, California

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