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California Redwoods

August 12 - 27, 2005

Petaluma Quilt Show, Bodega Bay with the Escapees RV Club, Redwoods with Dick and Lou Reed.  One Newsletter from Mocha and some pictures.  Enjoy...



Adventures of Krystonia

August 15, 2005

Greetings from Bodega Bay. From here we go up Highway 101 into the Redwoods and then home in about two weeks. This is our first outing since we returned from Texas. It took awhile to get the repairs done on Krystonia, but now everything is spiffy. We had one other event that tied us down for more than six weeks. So here, let our new travel partner, Mocha tell you her story:

Hi, my name is Mocha. I am a long hair, tortoiseshell kitten. I was born about May 1st, 2005, under a tarp in someone’s back yard. My Mom was homeless and scoured the neighborhood for food. One day Hobbes (who I met later) didn’t want his food so Ruth put the food out for my Mom. Then she started feeding her more. One day Arlo discovered that Mom was nursing! So then Ruth and Arlo started feeding her better food. My mom was so happy with this arrangement that she decided to move me and my 3 brothers into their gazebo. What a surprise one morning when they found us. At first I was very frightened whenever they came out into the yard. They started feeding us and I got a little friendlier. Later I found out that they had contacted a kitten rescue group. First they tricked us away from our Mom. We were closed into a bathroom, only to be let out a short time each day. When they let us out, all I could think about was where to hide from these awful people that took us away from our Mom. Then they took us to a Vet and we got shots and “fixed”.

I was the only girl and the most laid back and easy going. When we were old enough to “place” they decided that I might be a good traveler. So now my brothers are gone (I miss them sometimes. Hobbes is not as much fun as they were). It took some time, but now I feel safe around humans most of the time.

Hobbes is OK, but not very friendly. I admire him and respect his knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes I just sit and look at him. He is pretty grumpy a lot of the time, but I guess that is understandable. He is getting up there in the years. When we went to the Doctor before this trip I heard that he has the beginning of kidney failure, so I guess that he probably isn’t feeling like playing the way I like to.

So, this is my first RV trip. Wasn’t sure what was going on at first. Now I am finding that there are lots of new things to see out the windows. I miss climbing on my cat tree at home. However, I have discovered that I can climb up the upholstered valance boxes around the windows. It is kind of like climbing up my cat tree, and I can sit on the top and look down on things. Here is a picture of me on a valance. I think I am going to enjoy this RV life.




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